Help Need GR customer in PA looking to save money


Hello Everyone,

I have a Golden Rule customer looking to see if there is a company in PA that can beat GR price with the same coverage. I'm more of a P&C, life guy.

The gentleman is 40 yrs old, vegan, very healthy, big into kick boxing for working out. Medical History is clean.

GR policy - 2500 ded. paying a little over $1500 quarterly

zip code 19119 Feel free to give me a call 888-279-0405. Dustin is the name.

I have my health license..just not appointed yet. Will be doing that soon. His mother is a Doctor across the hall from me. Advised me if I can beat that, there is plenty more business. She is somewhat of a big wig in these parts. Thank you in advance.
I just sent you a PM with some ideas based on my 27 years experience. And no...I don't use quote engines because of the inaccuracies that sometimes occur (although, you should be OK on a 40 M that is healthy).

I handle two states...Ohio and PA and that's all! Please ignore the next post. It is not indicative of the professionalism that is normally displayed on this Forum.

By the way...just my opinion...but stay away from EHEALTH. Talk to an experienced broker instead. See what other forum members think. An experienced broker or EHEALTH...
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Really......why pray tell not.....I know 27 years ago you looked up rates in books and multiplied them by factors....oh yea and you had to go door to door each month to collect your clients prem....but really we are in the computer age now....

I just sent you a PM with some ideas based on my 27 years experience. I don't use automated quote engines.
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