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No commercial. I'm considering licensing with them and was wondering if there were any negatives I might not have seen or thought about.
quite honestly I have not heard of them but that means very little lol You are smart in researching it though. Maybe someone will come along with some answers. good luck

Thanks JohnRocks. I'll give you the Cliff's Notes version of what I know so far.

Agency building opportunity for everyone. Founder was former A.L. Williams/Primerica agent. They can sell whatever they want to sell, the company has di/ltc contracts available with quality names, you truly own your business. Does not seem (so far) to have the rabid buy term invest the difference mentality that we've all seen before.

Only thing I'm not crazy about is that there are no renewals on their premier term product (American General), unless you sell ROP or U.L.

And I can get/have higher commissions on the disability products, but I guess you have to make some concessions in this type of opportunity.
I interviewed with the local agency here. I was not impressed with anything I heard. I can't remember specifics but I seem to remember that there was some element of MLM involved. Here is their comp schedule:

and I don't see evidence of MLM, but I'm not much good a reading these things.

This is their basic website:

All I remember is that when I left there was something that just didn't pass my smell test. YMMV.

For what it's worth I like to stick with the more traditional companies out there in the insurance/financial industries. You see people from all types endeavors(i.e. infomercials) that claim to be making it big I just don't think I would be one of those. Besides as my luck runs I could fall into a swimming pool full of tits and come up sucking my thumb lol
They are very similar to uandiwin in their desire to mass hire agents and form a pyramid of crappy commissions. The guy I interviewed with talking about ALL the money he was making and after I informed he that I am not interested in working for a MLM company, he kindly acknowledged that AIG only works with top companies. OH yeah, that is right.....nobody can sell AIG but you...NEXT!!!!!

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