Hepatitis C

Hello all!

Does anyone have any underwriting experience with Hepatitis C? Are there some carriers that are more forgiving than others?

I have a 51 yo client who is 6'1 205llbs with no other history of illness or surgeries other than having a gall bladder removed 10 years ago. He is a non tobacco user and has never taken prescriptions including for the Hepatitis C. He has never shown symptoms of H-C before or after his diagnosis 10 years ago.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences!
I have found HEP C to be just one notch below HIV on the underwriting scale - AUTO DECLINE , all of my carriers, all of the time.

While Hep C can go 'DORMANT' it is my understanding there IS NO cure and if it comes back the treatment is VERY expensive. I have a friend who went through it and it cost a small fortune.

I also believe Hep C has a high rate of future liver issues. I can't imagine any carrier willing to accept this risk level on a traditional major med.

I would stick with group , risk pool / HIPAA