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Well here's my story...

I've been lurking this site for a few days now and find it really informative. I'm currently working as an agent with Aflac. And yes, I have done my research and read many threads on the bad experiences people have had with Aflac. But I noticed that the common thread with all of them is the horrible support they recieved or the lack of support from their DSCs/managers. I find that is not the case in my situation. I actually have the RSC/Regional manager supporting me all the way. He definitely is grooming me to become a DSC in the office. I've only been working with Aflac for 4 months but I have over 7 years of insurance experience and 3 of those were on the sales side. I was a wholesaler for a large insurance company before Aflac and decided to try the other side and become an agent.

The challenges I do face that everyone talks about is the saturated market with Aflac agents. But isn't that what all insurance agents face when they do B2B sales? Obviously they wouldn't hear about it as much as Aflac agents and I think that is because the business owner will remember "Aflac" due to their commercials and they won't remember the person that came in last week saying that they are "your local independent insurance agent".

Anyway, I like to think of myself as an independent agent selling Aflac and using the Aflac name to set up meetings with business owners and get my foot in the door. I would like to cross sell other products when i'm in my meetings with the employer and even the employees. I'm thinking of selling Life insurance and even thought about selling group health for the businesses that do not offer any health insurance. But being an Aflac agent, all I know now is Aflac and B2B selling. Am I limiting myself with being with Aflac? Hopefully I can get ideas in this forum on how to start cross selling other products. And more importantly, what I need to get started. I read about getting appointed with different carriers but would I need to go through a GA? Well, hopefully the information in this forum will give me some great suggestions.
Thanks for the welcome!! I'm from Southern California. 30 minutes east of Los Angeles.