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Hey from Illinois

Already been there a few times. Very stimulating. I should probably grab a stack of those old NAA leads and see if I can do some non-med so my family doesn't starve while I'm deciding my future.
Well first we pour a 40 for fallen NAA agents round here....

Tell that guy to stop wasting beer.
I hear Unicare is big in Ill. What other carriers have a strong postion in your state?
Of course BCBS, Humana are ones I know of. There's an agency that does mostly American select from GTL of Texas and they swear by it. I'm more versed in the medicare market, so I'm not real sure about all the big players in the market here.
Hello From Texas

Hello I am new to this forum and just getting ready to get started in the Insurance Business. I have been reading a lot of helpful information here. I just want to thank everyone for all the advice.