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Hey Kids, what do you know....

policy doctor

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So....anyone know anything about the Medicare Complete plan by AARP?

I understand they're advertising this on TV already.
That is United Healthcare's MA plan. In some markets they are allowed to use the AARP logo and branding.

From what I understand, they are not the most competitive in some markets, but get the sales from the AARP branding.
Then that is probably their moded for 2008. I understand they have a zero premium plan.
AARP Medicare Complete is the 2008 trade name for their MA HMO plan.

It started as:
Secure Horizons

Then it went to:
Medicare Complete

Now it is:
AARP Medicare Complete

They have always had zero premium in many counties. They are just rebranding to take advantage of the AARP name. And they do have very good plans in some areas and high commissions (ask me for a contract).

Their PFFS plans sucked in 2007. I haven't seen anything about their plans for 2008 but I think they will also be branded AARP.