Hi All!

Hello Every One,

I have joined here today, and I am looking around to make myself familiar with this forum.

I have over 10 years of experience in Insurance Sector, and I now I am looking forward to setup a small company helping Agents, Brokers and Insured's in their back office activities with low cost services.

I am sure that this forum will help me learning from the rich experience of other members.

Hope to interact with all of you in days to come on different aspects of Insurance.


Aryanbiz, welcome! Are you blue-eyed and blonde-haired----a member of the "master race?" Didn't Adolf Hitler espouse the concept of the need to purify the Nazis by eliminating the non-aryan people?:policeman:
Thanks Everyone for your welcome messages. Chumps is right in his guess-yeah, I am an Indian, providing business support services to small businesses from India. Aryan is name of my only Son, and that is the reason of picking up this name for my ID.

With almost 10 years of exp. in Indian Insurance Industry, now I am keen to learn from the rich experience of US insurance Market, and I feel that this is the just the right place to interact with Insurance professionals from USA.

I am looking forward to work with the members of this forum, assisting them in their back office operation at a price which is nearly 50% of their current cost.

Hope to interact with all members through PM.

Thanks once again,