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Hi guys


New Member

This is Sam from the AmPmInsure Community. Like this forum, we also have a discussion board on our site. Am I here to spam? Well, no. :)

I am here to invite some of you members to have a look and pass on your feedbacks and constructive criticisms. I have been assigned with the work of improving the overall site. Hence, this is my first step. You all seem to be pretty experienced in this field.

I would appreciate any comments. :)

Dang, that means you are not leaving and you are going to stay here SAI...Wow, thought my Christmas present was early...LOL:jiggy:
I have been to your site a few times... some interesting features... you have done a cool job with the calculators.

Thanks for the appreciation. :)

Actually that site is awful. This one is much easier to navigate.

I will take your words as a compliment. You know why. ;)

Thanks to all for the comments.