HIPAA Form and Getting Medical Records


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I would like to know what the process is for getting medical records.

After a client signs up for a life insurance policy, as an agent I would like to personally get the medical records from the doctor by going to the office or whatever the fastest method is.

What do I need to do this? Can I just provide the HIPAA form and pay whatever fees there are?

It seems like getting these records is a process that takes a few weeks and no underwriting can really be done without it.
I could be totally off base here but I don't think an insurance carrier will accept the records unless it comes from the provider directly or through a designated third party such as EMSI.

I've been doing some West Coast cases lately and all that's been involved is a tele-app interview and a para-med. No doctor's records.
standingtall, IMHO I think you would not nbe able to secure someone else's medical records because of HIPAA. Also,, I do not believe any insurer would accept records from an agent or any third party----only directly from the physician. I had an experience with one carrier where the applicant was denied life insurance coverage and they would ntell me the reason because of HIPAA. I finally did ascertain the reason from the applicant who was sent a letter of denial by the insurer.:cool:
Jesse -

I can assure you West Coast Life will order doc records when needed. Most life cases just require a paramed exam & lab work. If there are specific medical conditions, treatment for some kind of heart disease, cancer, etc. they will order doc records.

I have a life case in underwriting now. Been there for close to 2 months. The carrier wants to compare BP, PSA & cholesterol readings from the exam with doc records to see if there has been any change in his health.

Life cases usually take 2 months, sometimes longer. I figure every time I write a life case it will be 3 months+ before I am paid.

Not my idea of fun.
Somarco - "Carriers will not accept records from a third party, or even from your client."

Bob, when I said third party I meant designated third parties such as EMSI. Assurant uses them to obtain records on health insurance applicants. Are you saying life insurers won't use something like an EMSI?
Nope, must have had a brain fart.

Should have said carriers will not accept records from an UNAUTHORIZED third party (such as an agent).

Many carriers use folks like EMSI to obtain medical records.

Please excuse.
Most of my life cases sail thru without an APS. Can't say the same for health.

Most life underwriting is done based on the app, MIB, DMB and the physical exam (including lab). It is rare that they have to write a doc.

Thanks for the Imput.

I understand that some term policies do not need medical records, but for more complicated cases, I know that the medical records take at least 30 days.

The ins. co sends a letter, the Dr. office sends one back asking for $, then the ins. co send s the $, then the records come.

That seems like such a waste of time. If it not possible, than what can be done to move the process along as quickly as possible?