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About 2 months ago a lady called me. She had seem some of my posts on another forum and wondered if I could help.

She was 58 years old, 5' 5" and 179#.

She takes meds for HTN, cholesterol & depression.

She also has mildly elevated liver enzymes.

She was turned down by BX and by Mega.

I figured that was the kiss of death but agreed to look into it further.

Seems the med she takes for cholesterol sometimes has a side effect of elevating liver enzymes. She had recently (last 12 months) had a liver biopsy and a liver function test and both came back in normal range.

After reviewing her medical records I told her there were no promises, but I would agree to give it a shot.

We looked at several plans with several carriers and finally decided on a plan from GR that has no copays, just a deductible then 80%.

I quoted a rate and told her the meds she takes now will not accrue towards the deductible. She was fine with that since the alternative is no coverage at all.

It took 6 weeks to underwrite.

Her policy was approved earlier this week, standard rates, no riders.

She is pleased and so am I.

She will be a client for life and I fully expect referrals to come freely.

Life is good.