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How do you keep track of income with Medicare?

I keep a spreadsheet of with 5 columns for each year. It has who I wrote, what I wrote, date written, date app verified, and date paid. I mostly do it because I like tracking myself month over month and year over year, but its nothing to scan a commission check and verify payment.
Focus on sales . . . the commissions will (normally) take care of themselves as long as you are not being paid by an FMO.

When I started out, I would check every commission deposit to make sure I was getting "what I was owed".

At some point I discovered that a major carrier had not paid me on a line of business for 6 months or so. This made me go back and audit everything I wrote for the last year plus as well as a monthly audit of commissions.

I spent so much time tracking commissions that usually showed up on the next pay cycle that I decided to do spot checks ever 2 - 3 months.

Bottom line, auditing commissions was costing me new sales.

In my case, carrier paid commissions were usually right . . . IMO's are the worst.

I am 100% carrier direct and will NEVER let an IMO cut my checks.
I've had a similar experience.
would you look at that! We agree on something!