How does out of network coverage work with Medicare Advantage?

Like I mentioned above, my area has plans with high MOOPs as well. They are old plans that no one buys. Companies just don’t kill them off.
Instead of showing the highest MOOPs, you should talk about the lowest MOOPs
You said, "$8k-12,000 in MOOP? I’ve never seen that." I was just showing you that those high MOOP's are out there. I can't imagine selling them to anyone.

Florida MA is definitely better. Except for one Wellcare plan at $3,200 (I'd never sell a Wellcare MAPD). the only plans we have under $3,800 are HMO's.
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As I tell to all of my clients before they pick a med Supp or MAPD.

That’s like me telling my clients that they shouldn’t go with a med Supp because they have premiums as high as $350 a month and drug plans that costs $181/month.
Wow. $181. My SS's going up to $103. The only one higher in my area is Humana @ $108.

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