How does this all work?


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Sadly I was in a fender bender last year.

While at a Stop light, I took my foot off the brake and ended up rolling into the back of a car. 100% MY FAULT. (Even had a black box check showing impact was non recordable due to speed less than 5mph.

“Zero” damage to my car and a small puncture in the plastic rear bumper of the other. At time of accident we all discussed how small the event was, and agreed collectively to not call police because it was so minor. Everyone was fine and nobody needed any kind of treatment. We exchanged info and went on our way.

I find out a month later, Plaintiff did get medical attention three days after and they are claiming severe back trauma of one person.

They get a lawyer and I receive a Demand Letter for pain and suffering for my entire policy liability limit for 100k which is my liability amount and my insurance will only cover the car repair. Both sides struggle to communicate… it’s been 15 months and my insurance claim adjuster says it could go years because they will not pay out for such a minor accident. ugh.

So I’m just assuming I’ll be brought to trial at some point… this is all assumption and it will most likely be settled… that’s the only reason I’m concerned because if it went to court. (WHICH IT SHOULD NOT) a jury can be scary and only my liability will be covered by insurance. Just being cautious cause I’m Retired. All I own is a Jeep and an 2011 RV (I’m a full time nomad) But a nice retirement.

But I also pay all my premiums to be covered for this type of thing… is this more common than not?

Any advice?
Happens all the time. The insurance company will likely make a settlement with the other party before going to court.