How Important is Credit Score

How important is someone's credit score when trying to become a licensed insurance agent? I was on Prudential's website and they require a background check (which is no problem) and a creidt check...( I may have a problem with that one).

Advise please!
I haven't found it to be an issue. My score was low when I came into the biz from past problems. In mid-last year the IRS hit me with a lien and although I have payment arrangements the lien still shows up on my credit which makes my score a negative 200 and I've still got appointed by several companies after that. The biggie is I don't have a BK - I think that actually matters.
Depends on whether you need annualized commissions and who is making the loan. Some carriers will appoint you for as earned only if you have a poor record of repaying creditors or if your credit report shows you are over-extended.
I had credit issues when I started in insurance and have not had any problems at all getting appointed with any company.
Haven't seen that apply to health. I got a Key Broker deal with an advance from GR and my score was trashed and just got a World MGA appointment with an advance and my score is trashed.
Unless I have some special horseshoe buried up my a** I can assure you that without a BK you can have the world's most trashed credit and get advances from every health company that offers them.
Two, maybe 3 years ago I was denied appointment by AG & Illinois Mutual due to some credit issues (no BK, just serious money issues tied to a business failure).

And for those who wonder, no I did not have a horseshoe or other foreign object in my rectum.