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How much longer before Atlantic Coast Life Insurance goes under


Seriously, this company is the worst company to deal with.
I don't care about the extra 1 point they pay in commission.
I am constantly spending as much as 1 hour on hold in their Queue every time I call.
Not getting calls returned.
Constant complaints from clients.
Atlantic Coasts computers crashed for 10 days and they have nothing to say.
They are making basic math mistakes with no answer and not getting resolved.
I only used them because I was told to by the old FMO, obviously it was for their commission not mine.
The Director of the company is Kip Nelson and he never picks up nor does the CSR Supervisor Max Fitzgerald.

I normally try to put fires out with my clients but in the case of this company I will be escalating to the State dept of Insurance as this companies practices are unacceptable.
Could just be growing pains as they expand into the FIA space. Oceanview was even worse when they rolled out their MYGAs 12 to 18 months ago but seem to have everything under control now. All companies may have times when they are difficult to work with as I could list several major players in the industry that have done really stupid things to alienate producers. I do feel your pain as I had money arrive at ACL when their computers were down and it took a good lon while before they “found” the check. That said it may be a bit early to give up on them BUT that’s the beauty of being independent. If you don’t like it write someone else.
KKR owns approximately 60% of Global Atlantic following successful equity syndication