How To Pass the Life, Accident and Health Insurance Exam ?

My first response is a bit of a smart ass harder.

But if you are having problems, get a copy of the materials you used and practice the questions, if at all possible, get them on a CD-ROM and practice with the questions......that will get you where you want to be.

Good luck!
Or perhaps . . . this is not the business you should be in.

That wasn't a very helpful answer.

In my experience it is usually because the questions have intentionally been designed to be very tricky. More so than is actually necessary. Not because the person doesn't have a knowledge.

I believe it is more of a game the DOI is playing than an actual test of the persons knowledge.

I am advising my client not to pay your fee of $.05 for your answer. :D
That wasn't a very helpful answer.

Maybe, maybe not.

Granted, the state exams are no measure of aptitude or knowledge, but it may be that this is not the business for him.

My response was not meant to be harsh, but perhaps a reality check.
My friend failed the test twice, then switched to just health and failed it twice before passing.
He works for a version of Mega, he keeps telling me about his $1,300 weeks. They made him a manager after just a few weeks.
I keep praying that everything I've heard about Mega from this board won't apply to him, so far so good.