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Anybody familiar with HR Trust out of, I believe, GA. Just taked to someone who got a notice in the mail that their health insurance was cancelled as of midnight last night? Nobody at HR Trust is answering the phone. They were a company that worked with self-employed individuals to provide coverage in a group setting.

I never had any experience where there wasn't at least a 30 day grace. Any suggestions?
Never heard of them. Their website is down. Sounds like a Mega/Base 105 kind of deal. Got any details on them?
I went to a meeting when they were marketing in the area several years ago -- been too long for my memory to be too accurate but what I remember is they were for individuals that work on commission or contract and for HR Trust to offer benefits you had to run your commissions through them and then they would pay the taxes and everything for you. I remember not being interested because I thought letting someone else have access to my commissions was not a good deal.