HSA: Assurant vs. Golden Rule


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I would like to see some opinions on the Assurant One Deductible HSA Plan vs. the Golden Rule HSA 100 Plan for a 42 year old smoker. He is healthy, no hospitalization, doctor visits only for annual physical, no prescription drugs. This is a PA case.
I can check that when I'm in the office Friday. My gut feeling is that the Assurant HSA will be a better buy.

But UHC also has another plan (AMS) that will probably have better rates than both.

Coverage-wise, Assurant may have the best policy.
Assurant has the best accident policy add-on, a 10% discount on renewal rates, multi-year rate guarantees and up to $500 in first dollar preventative after the first year. Even if the rates are close, Assurant is the better carrier.

However, its hard to argue with Golden Rule's smoker rates compared to Assurant here in CT.
After AMS sent me the letter last year announcing their pull-out of 6 states I wouldn't have much faith in them.

I've been waiting for that letter for over a year and have decided its not a valid reason to not sell their plans. They are a good company with excellent service and great rates. Golden Rule pulled out of PA more than five years ago, then came back last year. Any company can stop writing in a state at any time - not a reason to boycott them now - in my opinion.
OK...Here you go...Monthly premiums listed below for Central Pa.

GR $155 $5000 Ded.

AMS $98 $5000 Ded.

Assurant $160 (8 mill.)

Western Pa:

GR $143

AMS $103

Assurant $172 (8 mill.)

All rates based on $5000 Ded. 100% after Ded.