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HSA reimbersment


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Have a question as to what yr payment goes to. I have a HSA and Im openning a Savings account,Any good suggestions. My question is about the repayment from the Saving Account. Does the repayment from the account for tax yr go from date of service or payment made date. Its hard to explain my question other than give a example:
Dr. visit 11/06, received EOB in 12/06, received Dr. bill 1/07 , made payment 2/07. Does this go into 2006 or 2007. and which is the main item that determined what yr the Deduction applys to. Im trying to reimburse myself for services since I dont have HSA saving account but will be getting it done and know I can repay myself from my contributions I plan to make to the account before 4/17/07.
HSA follow up ???

Ive had the HSA policy for 11mo. of 2006, Just didnt have the Saving account to go with it. I plan to open the savings account before Tax deadline. Ive guessing it dosent matter to seperate the 2006 to 2007 for expences anyway.Im assuming I could reimberse myself(for everything) as long as I had my HSA Insurance in effect proir to Dr. visit was provided. And that way I wouldnt have to Itemize them for taxes. Im guessing this the whole way since I cant find answers anywhere to the Question as well as until I open a Saving account they wont offer assistance.
Health Savings Accounts Reimbursements

You may be able to get away with this but why force yourself to go through all of the trouble of reimbursing yourself, tracking reimbursements, etc. when you could have just set up the HSA initially? That way when you incur expenses you can just transfer funds into your HSA from your checking or wherever and then use the HSA to pay the medical expense directly - that way if you are ever audited then your Health Savings Accounts check register or account statement should be all of the documentation that you will ever need. Otherwise, with all of this matching and reimbursing going on you may be setting yourself up for a little trouble.