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Anybody know how to get appointed with Humana? Do they have broker contracts or are they captive?

Oh yea..i'm in MS
Lets talk about Humana. I'm appointed with them in CO and FL and about to in NC. Does anybody write with them? What are the pros and cons?

I do like the small amount of free preventative care on the Humana One HSA. I've written no cases because they don't do individual health in my main states. Thoughts on them compared to the rest?
I withdraw my answer about referring to my FMO. I just assumed the question was about Part D and/or MA. I believe (but am not sure) that you are appointed directly for health insurance.

When I was contracted for the MA plans, it automatically (?) included Med Supps and Health. But neither of these have an upline that I know of. The applications (of which I've submitted exactly zero) go directly to the carrier. My FMO says he gets nothing out of it.

They hardly exist in California and I almost never quote health out of state.

I have written about 400+ of their PDP however.

I just called up Humana directly and was connected directly with the person in charge of contracting. I had the contract faxed to me, but they require that it be sent back by US mail because they require the actual contract with the actual signatures. Which I thought was odd seeing that I haven't had any other of my carriers require that!
Humana has a very backward way of applying load factors for medical conditions in CO. Rather than stating (for example) that HBP is a 20% increase with an additional 5% per med, they have you look up the maintenance drug and try to figure out the wholesale price for it - then add it to the quote. PITA.

Their new products - Portrait/Autograph/Monogram are okay - nothing special, average pricing. They do have a nice feature with a forth quarter deductible carryover.

They do offer maternity but at a steep price. After you hit a $1000 ded., they only pick up 60%. 12 mth waiting period. For a 29 yr old female to add it, it is an additional $210/mth in CO. The numbers just don't work well for the client.

It took them about 4 weeks to get my appointment processed - you also have to make sure you are appointed for individual health - otherwise, they will only appoint you for small group.

They are still working out the bugs in their Broker web - it is a little awkward.

All in all, I think I will use them for an "also ran" quote.
I'm appointed with them in CO and FL and have never done a case with them due to my lack of activity in those states.

Is there anything they offer in the HDHP market that makes them feasible over Assurant, UHC or Anthem? I'm trying to determine what their sweet spot is in the individual health realm.

Also, I had a problem understanding how they wanted me to enroll clients online. There was no broker assisted function as with Assurant and Golden Rule/UHC. The other method was conference calling a client in to their tele-app line which was also not immediately clear. Have they cleaned this up for out-of-state brokers?

Jesse -

I started the approval process with Humana last year and grew weary. While waiting on my appointment I reviewed their underwriting manual (major PITA) and ran some rates. Nothing exciting in GA.

They did go thru a time, maybe 3 months when some other agents I know were writing business, then a year later they got hammered on renewal. They have been thru reps here like water. Can't seem to keep one for more than a few months.

They are mostly an also ran here. Never see them.

I never completed the appointment process and don't think it has hurt me. I carry a few stragglers to pick up clients in the hinterlands but will never do anything with them in metro Atlanta. The bulk of my business will go with GR, Time, KP & either Coventry or Aetna.

The rest will be given to World and maybe a little to Celtic, Consumer Life, American Republic.