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I Have Sinned...

I just reviewed my last few dozen posts. It seems as if I am constantly talking about all of MY accomplishments. I guess I didn't realize that and that's not normally the way I post.

I feel bad. Very bad. OK..not very bad. Maybe a little bad. So I would like to take the time to now post some of my blunders that I have committed over the last few decades.

I have sinned. Please forgive me. (But you don't have to forgive Jimmy Swaggart)

Here's a few of my doozies:

*Wrote an Assurant policy a few years ago. The Network on the quote and given to the client was PHC. When the app was turned in, I inadvertently put Med. Mutual as the Network. A few months after the policy was issued, the kids get physicals...and a big bill goes unpaid. My fault. I explained the mistake to them. They were mad. Very mad. They cancelled. I don't blame them.

*Wrote an Aetna policy and sent the app and check directly to them. Clean case. Quick issue. Ughh...not so fast. Aetna says the check never arrived. I checked the file. No check. I made a copy of the check. Where did it go? No problem. I'll call the client. She's easy to reach. Not this time! She's in the hospital. Slipped on the sidewalk and injured her hip. OMIGOSH! What am I going to do? Move to a different country? Change my identity? Well...the check never showed up...but fortunately, the customer had a grace period with their prior policy and the hospital stay was covered. The check showed up YEARS later in my office. It had fallen behind AND UNDER the copier. It was only when the copier was replaced that the check showed up.

And lastly...It was in the late 90s and I was writing a health policy on a 40ish man. He needed coverage quick so I stopped by on my way home on a Friday after work. All seemed to go smoothly until he hit me with a bombshell. He said that he wasn't really a "he." "He" was a "she." OK. Now what. I explained that the rate would unfortunately be higher and he went...ehrrr...I mean she went ballistic. She threw her shoe at me (that is a sign of disrespect in Arab countries) and heaved my leather portfolio at the wall. This was enough. So I calmly tried to pick things up as I explained to her that I really needed to go.

The next thing I know is that she hip checks me to the ground and says she's going to "show" me what kind of "girl" she is. I was bleeding (NOT FOAMING!) at the mouth when her dog (I think it was a Chow) comes out of nowhere and starts to tug at my waist. It's starting to hurt, so I roll over and now that damn dog is pulling on my leg...just like I'm pulling on yours. Look. You have to admit...I had you going for a little bit...didn't I?
Actually, the first two stories were true, and of course this last one was fictitious. I don't know why I made that last one up. If I figure it out, I'll let you know. Good night.
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Son of a bitch, he got me..... Great story.... I will have to check my underewriting guide for people who switch genders.
I don't know for sure - but it would seem that until a person had a gender reassignment - it wouldn't really matter???? If a person chose to live as the opposite sex, without reassignment surgery - they are still technically their birth gender?!? Am I wrong - or just stupid?
Ahhhh, being a new independent agent:

1) Put an effective date of the next day for client with no coverage. Deal gets approved 6 weeks later because of an APS and I never asked the client if they wanted the effective date changed. Client was triple-drafted and cancelled.

2) Same mistake you made - quoted Alliance network. Days later she says to submit the deal, forget my network defaulted on PHCS. About 2 months later I get a call screaming - doctors don't take that network. Done.

3) In Oct '04 Assurant moved from the 198 series plan in MD to the Preferred 2000. There was no deductible for name brand drugs and a $8 copay. Yes...it's true. Also a $1,000 deductible and the family rate was $350. Back and forth for a bit the client said to submit the deal and I had her call tele-app. I submitted the proprosal which I had printed out. Assurant calls me two days later - cannot honor that proposal since it was the 29th. The last day would have been the 28th. The new quote? Phys/Hosp, $2,500 deductible $500 drug deductible with $25 copay plus 20%. Oh....and it was $200 more.

No problem....just call the client. Nope. The wife freaked - accused me of bait and switch and noted that on the proposal I sent her 2 weeks earlier it was "quote good for 30 days." This went all the way to the top guys....I was on the phone with compliance, she filed a 3 page complaint on me, etc...it got as nasty as it could get. At the time I was new and didn't know the 28th was the last day for an effective date. She raised such a ruckus that they honored the quote and gave her the plan I quoted.

footnote: Since Assurant got rid of the 198 series they NAILED everyone on that plan with a rate increase at month 12. $8 name brand drugs with no deductible? No kidding. Same client gets renewal notice - rate going up over $200 a month. Another huge complaint filed on me saying I didn't tell her about the rate increase when she signed up and she wasn't gonna pay it. This time she lost. Didn't stop her from mailing me a horrible letter about "I'm the worst agent she had ever met."

4) Aetna. Classic. Literally the 2nd day they came out with electonic app I submitted one. After clicking submit and did the agent verification. Went into producer world and it was nowhere to be found. Entire app gone. I called and they said they were having problems technically - just re-do it. I called, the client got pissed (many pre-ex conditions) and said she didn't have time now to do another app. Never got back in touch with her.

We've all been there.
My guess is, if someone has gender reassignment this would be a decline. Quite a few carriers will not take someone with breast implants, particularly silicone. All have questions about, uh . . . transplanted organs . . .