I had it with my Company....ready to Roll out of here ~!

If you want to sell Face 2 Face - reach out to Todd.

If you want to sell via Phone - reach out to Jeff.

If you want to sell via MLM - reach out to me. But - my commission levels suck and you won't make any real money unless you recruit a Team.
Hey Buds,

I've had a cake job for 3 yrs...but with the new manager I'm ready to say 'sayonara' (i'm not keen on working under a 'Rude Man hating Militant Feminist-a.')

I'm a L-n-H producer with a nice list of names (but according to agreement with this HUGH CONGLOMERATE) i won't be able to solicit them for business (1 yr).---- no problem, i will contact them later.

I got enough cash to float myself for awhile (+), but before i tell them to 'take this job and shove it'...got 1 question.

QUESTION; Since i want to stick with what i know for now (Senior and Indy Ins.), what kinda FMO should i consider? There is one local FMO i could join but not sure 'How many Companies' do i have to sign up underneath them. ARE THERE SOME I can go Independent with?

Any tips you can give a Independent Rep going on First time?

Thanks for your help....hope all is well where you are~!

I think always Independant is the best choice as you can pick which companies you want to work with.. I am an Independant and I also write P&C as well as L&H and I use Cary Levision and Associates 954-746-9531 [EXTERNAL LINK] - Levinson & Associates – Brokerage General Agency they may be an option for you..I have been with them over 20 years and they are easy to work with and all the platforms you will need. Andrew Paris is who I work with alot as well as Cary or Bill Levision..Good luck..
Big corporations are absolutely the worst when it comes to hiring managers. And once hired they refuse to admit they made a bad decision. You're stuck with said communist.