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...and I love it! I am an agent in MA, selling primarily health insurance, and I got Gary's program, and wow, I am already impressed. Every day before, I used to make around 75 to 100 cold calls and it would take at least all day - just sitting there in front of 411.com, calling a particular venue of contractors, and making notes about if I left a message or if they called back, etc. etc. All on my hand held phone.

Well I heard about this software on this forum, and called Gary, and he couldn't believe the old fashioned method of my madness!!! :) So, it was a stretch financially, but I was so ready to go to the next level. To sit for eight hours a day and cold call, and cold call, and cold call, with little results, just got old after a while.

Well, today, I put in my first hour and a half, (before I took a break), and the system dialed 100 phone calls, and I made two appointments, and one is almost an appmt. I even got several call backs from people who saw my number come up, but for some reason, I didn't press the right button and the message wasn't left. But that's okay, because when they called me back, they got my answering machine, which totally touts what I do. I got a headset, so the phone wasn't stuck to my ear, and that was great freedom. I didn't have to dial the numbers, nor write in my book about every single call, thus saving even more time. I make notes on the software, and that's great.

I am thrilled by this software, because already I am seeing results. And with a lot less effort and frustration. And, when a particular week is filled with appointments and I am missing phone time because I am on the road all week with appointments, (thus meaning the next week is full of no appointments!), well with this system, I can still squeeze in an hour or so, make 100 calls and get appointments set up for the following week. So that avoids the up and down cycle if you are solo, and have no one making continual calls while you are out on the road.

So, if you are wondering if you should do this, yes, absolutely. The productivity rate is already high for me, as compared to what it was, and that's due to the system, obviously, but also the data lists that I have gotten. Before I would spend hours calling on one group of contractors or another, and now, with the data list, i am calling several groups - so my variables have increased, and that affects production.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!! I highly, highly recommend this software! And the data that goes with it. YES!!! ;)
Welcome to the club. I have over $20K hitting the books with about 12 hours logged in this week. If anyone else has a way to make over 4K in 12 hours call me and let me know.

I have an in-person meeting tomorrow from a dialer lead - family of 6 paying $800+ with Mega - wife with HBP but that's it.

I called to confirm today and the husband says "you're still coming out...right?" That commish alone is another $1,400+
Kathy, Glad you like it. From our test we established that the data is critical. We us Dunn and BradStreet.( the best on the market) also at .04 per name very reasonable also. Yes the MCS CRM has really come along way and we are continuing to make improvements and have a lot of exciting new features that will be introduced this year!
Thanks for the feedback!
I'm going to ask a very basic question because I've never had the experience with phone lines other than personal and very small business. If I'm understanding it correctly when you use Gary's system you have to have 3 lines dialing in and out. Does that mean you have to have 3 different lines with 3 different numbers coming into your office or is that set up with a special telephone that turns one line into 3?
Nope, all you need is one phone line with unlimited long distance. You call into a phone number to log-in and then the system makes the calls with three phone lines from another location (Georgia?). However, you set what number shows up on the caller ID.
Is there any setup fee? Any per minute fee?

Can I use more than 3 outbound lined at once ?

Any trial or contracts?

I a really looking for a remote 10 line dialer.

I am not sure about the set up fee, but I know it's a one time monthly fee for leasing it. There is no other fees, other than the data you recieve, either leads or data sheets. there is no fee per call, and there are three outbound calls going at once. Gary will do a trial for you, and there is no contracts, you use it for the month and if you want to use it again, it will take it from your account, if you don't, just let him know. You can call Gary and ask about the set up fee.
P.S. When you call Gary, he is wonderful to work with, and i have to add that his customer service department was so far superior, you don't get that kind of service today! They called me several times after installation to see how I was doing, and Gary has also followed up with me. I have heard stories of other software products that are on the market now and the customer service is so bad, people cancel on the programs. This is certainly not the case with Gary's. So call him, he is more than willing to answer any questions or help you.

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