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I Need Health Insurance but had cancer what is a GOOD policy


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I desperately need health insurance. I had melanoma (5 of them) 4 years ago. Have not been declared dead yet!! :D but the doctors won't give me the ok. Also have a seriously terrible back. (Gosh, I sound like a wreck!) I am really not I am very active but my back can't keep up with me and no recent surgeries on melanoma. What kind of policy is a GOOD policy. (In a perfect world, 80/20, with prescription coverage and accepts preexisting problems) Cobra ran out in September and have not been to the doctor recently so I thought I would take my time and find a GOOD policy. Any thoughts or ideas from anyone? Seriously!!! Thanks for your feedback. If someone wants to contact me, please feel free to do so. I need to get something in place before I fall down and break any more bones!!!
A lot depends on where you are. Some states have HIPAA continuation plans for those whose COBRA has expired. Others have a risk pool. Check with your state DOI to find out what options you have.

If neither of those work out, your choice is any one of a number of indemnity plans that pay a flat dollar amount for every day hospitalized.

You may also qualify for a group plan if you are self employed and live in a state where one life groups are allowed.
If you are in the Kansas City area, I have a guy who I give all my junior clients to (junior for me is under 65). He is a broker and has all the major players out here. He is a good agent, honest, and will guide you the best direction.
Somarco is correct. Some states have 1 person groups. 2 states where I'm licensed, CT and NH are good examples. CT 1 person groups can be set up anytime provided that one can prove they've been in business for a calendar quarter. NH has a once per year open enrollment.
In 2014 it won't matter. You can wait until you get ill or seriously injured and buy insurance then.

Thank you Obama-san.