I saw the damage of no call aca lead first hand

This sounds awful, but at the same time it sounds like consumer error... Why is she trying to sign up for a second health insurance plan when she already has an active plan?

She didn’t have an active policy . We called Ambetter . They said both policys were active . We called Healtcare.gov . They said the 9-1 Bronze policy was active and the older silver policy wasn’t cancelled yet . We said “ cancel the bronze and keep the silver “ . As usual $15 an hr bozos screw everything up . They both cancelled out .
Confusing story.
First, I don’t know what a “no call aca” lead is. Is that like ringless voicemail?

Second, how is the lead type the problem instead of an agent who flipped her to something in approach? In your story it sounds like the bigger problem might have been caused when you tried to flip her back. Not saying it wasn’t the right thing to do. I don’t understand any of the specifics. But your post leaves more questions than answers.

Did her pushing a button on the phone actually change her plan? Or did she have to enter act with an agent?
It’s a system I created that utilizes electronic consent to enroll. A legitimate means of enrollment. It’s like Kleenex, actuallly it’s a tissue. I created NoCallLeads.com and there have been dozens of copycats. So who knows what some of these leads are.
Clicking a link without reading it does not constitute consent.

The new scam now is these rogue agents sending out fake lawyer cease and desist letters to ethical agents who had their clients stolen, and then took them back. It's getting real ugly
But you can't seriously believe you're acting in the best interests of the customer with this sleazy nonsense...

You'd do anything to get a signup, regardless of how unethical, right?
CMS seems to think we are doing a great service. My conversations with them are very positive. They love that we are reaching and insuring thousands of clients that were previously uninsured. We have meeting with their compliance and business management offices. All positive.