Ignorance about health insurance


I thought that this was pretty telling. Typically, their comments are very good and they get some correct responses. Look how little people, educated people, know about getting insurance. http://ask.metafilter.com/mefi/46761 Sometimes it is hard to believe that people will be so uneducated about such important decisions.
People in general have had someone hold their hand through out the process.

As a child (in college or high school) you never bothered to learn about health insurance as your parents took care of it.

The parents had the HR department take care of all of it for them. They knew what they paid. their co-pay, and what some drugs cost. Everything else was collecting dust in a file.

Now that people are becoming self employed or working for small businesses who do not offer insurance, they are getting a rude awakening on how insurance really works.
Boy, Midwest that last sentence hit it on the head.

Until I got into this field insurance was an after thought. Worked for a Fortune 20 company and was "downsized" (aka..fired) and experienced that awakening you speak of.

Looking back sad that I had such a low understanding/ caring of something so important to my family. :oops:
Sam -

How did you find that forum? Looks like they deal with a wide variety of topics, not just health insurance. Have you spent enough time there to know if the answers are informed or just individuals who have no clue.
MIBiz, I was in the same boat. And I know a lot of people who hate their jobs but the benefits are too good to leave (at least they think so).

All we can do is educate and hope people see the light (hopefully a sale follows that).

For the people who do not see the light, well the world does need ditch diggers.