I'm no longer a virgin! (in selling insurance, that is)



Well, after a couple of months of reading this forum, asking questions, etc... this was my first week out actively selling. I went on my first appointment today, and sold my first health policy. :) I am confident that I couldn't have done that so quickly without the knowledge that I have received from being a part of this forum.... so I just wanted to say a quick "THANKS!" to everyone on here who has given me advice, answered questions, etc etc.

I'm looking forward to a long and rewarding career in insurance sales!!
Not much... about $2500. Was a young couple in great shape that wanted a high deductible medical plan. Actually sold them a HSA, and they were pretty excited about it. But, I got to talking to them about life insurance as well, and they are not happy with their current policies and want to switch. I put together a proposal for 250k on each (what they asked for) and am going back tomorrow night to hopefully close that as well. Gotta love the old double dip! :)