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I use an MGA in Texas for most of my life products and they sent me an email yesterday about Imerica. I did a search of the forum and found only two posts about them.

From the sound of the email it appeared as if they were "reentering" the market in some states.

I would be kinda wary of a company that had pulled out of a state but then reappeared.
man ....are they are still here in texas,,,,,,,Give me a call.....512-260-0856....or email [email protected] I just saved someone else from making a Imerica Mistake....

Yea the american health underwriting bunch is pushing the plan hard...must be haveing a sales contest to unload this is the reason I do not sell it and recommend to my is a certificate off a master policy...which means they can do what ever they want to you because you are not the owner of the master policy just a owner of a certificate off the MP....and check out the arbitration clause they have....this means if they do not want to pay a claim you are giving up your right to sue in court to get them to pay the if your in texas and someone is trying to sell you this plan CALL ME 512-260-0856...
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Apparently so...or more specifically "reentering" Texas. They're only in a few states, but when I saw the rates I figured have to be a catch. Also, if they left Texas..then why?

I figured you'd know for sure if anyone.
I remember one of my Colorado agents had some client with a major pre-ex condition. Assurant, GR and World were gonna terrorize him but Imerica said it would be standard and beat their rates. I told him they'd be out of business within a year. Then went under 2 months later.
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So, what's the deal with they are in Texas recruiting at 25% commission... I have their quoting engine downloaded but their rates seem to be high in other states.
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AHU is a "super FMO" for Imerica.

Imerica originally operated out of FL and had company reps recruiting agents. They had so-so products. They were an unrated carrier (less than 5 yrs in the industry) but talked about their strong financial backing.

They had less than 2 yrs experience in the health insurance business.

They closed up shop within a year or entering Georgia and then resurfaced a few months ago in Utah or Colorado.

If you are using AHU to access some of your products, watch your back.
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AHU?? I'm curious to why you say watch your back. ?

I received a mailer from them offering BC/BS. (Not a fan of BC/BS in TX because of limitations) But some people want a big name.
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If you deal with AHU, make sure you read and understand your commission agreement.

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