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Earlier today I received a private email from a reputable source in the home office of a carrier that will remain nameless.

This individual be they male or female told me that one of their top producers is being reviewed by upper management. To quote:

"They are a large producer and therefore have the attention of the powers that be. They also have issues that are being addressed."

When I asked how management feels about this producer (think boiler room call center) he/she said "it depends on who you ask".

In other words, the sales dogs love them, underwriting & actuarial hate them.

His/her closing line was interesting.

"they definitely leave holes that need filled"
Very interesting and please keep us advised. I have often wondered how some of the larger producers kicking out questionable plans using more questionable ethics survive.

I've received a whopping three letters of complaint over 4 years. Not bad actually and some people you just cannot console. All the complaints were over items that went towards the deductible and were "broke" people I sold who wouldn't deal with a bill.

What's interesting is the carriers made it sound like world war 3 - I get the complaint faxed to me and it's this HUGE production - have to reply within 10 days and my reply will be shared with the person complaining. They want my sales tactics and what was said or not said when I sold the plans.
Just based on those complaints I can't see any agent selling unethically lasting - just HOW do they pull it off?
And by the way guys, if you want to know just how horrendous some of these "top producers" can be, in about mid 2005 I got into it with a "top agency producer" who will remain nameless when one of his agents lied to one of my leads. Almost verbatim this is what he said to me:

"Go f*** youself loser! My guys sell plans and the client can read about the plans or not read about it. That's what 10 days are for. I write more in a day then you do in a month to go ram that up you a**."
I have received one complaint in 14 years. It happened when I was captive. At the time I was one of the top 21 producing agents in the country out of around 4,000 agents that the company had at that time.

A woman's daughter complained about the LTC policy I sold her mother, claiming all sorts of things. It was all a bunch of BS, I log every conversation I have with both clients and prospects.

I printed all the information I had showing the entire process her mother and I went through before she made a final decision regarding the benefits she wanted. I sent a copy to legal showing each time I talked to her mother, dates, location, times, the basic jest of the conversation and her mothers ultimate decision regarding the LTC policy she purchased and the benefit level.

I heard back from legal a week later telling me to forget it, they would handle it from there. I never heard another word about it.

It pays to keep copious notes, dates, location, times, people present, and topics discussed.
One was a lab bill - just barely over $100 and the girl flipped out - said "I don't know who's paying it but it ain't me - got rude and cussed at me." I was done with her. Another was an OON complaint that I had nothing to do with - balanced billed, couldn't solve it, client said I lied about the plan's OOP. Complaint obviously went no where. 3rd was a client who hit surgery and claimed I never went over the $2,500 deductible with him. Odd since he chose the plan in-person from the Assurant alternate quote sheet. Still claimed "I never said anything about any deductible and never would have bought a plan with a deductible." Went no where. This is right around the time I started marketing to a better class of people.

I can't even imagine selling a "Right" plan.
17 years, 1 complaint in 1994. I sold a health policy to a guy in San Angelo, Tx. He kept the plan for 3.5 YEARS, corresponded with the company twice. Then complains via attorney to the State Board, saying that he had told me to "Hold the cheque" (Come to find out he had done exacty the same thing with another company, in the same timeline) SOB.
According the the state this kind of complaint is quite common as people think they can get all of their premiums refunded, nothing came of it.