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Important Disclaimer About Insurance Advice


As this issue has come up several times recently in private, I would like to clearly state the forum's position, and add in some personal advice.

Advice given, product suggestions and claims made by members of this forum DO NOT REPLACE COMPANY DIRECT INFORMATION. It is very easy to make claims about some insurance aspect or other and to quickly establish yourself as someone who SEEMS to really knows what you are talking about. This does not mean that that is the case. You must use your own discretion as far as whose advice you wish to take.

The number of posts that someone has does NOT make them an expert. Nor do their claims about how many appointments they run a day, or how much money they make. If someone is giving marketing advice, then it doesn't matter if they have actually been as successful as they claim, the advice can still work. However, if someone gives product advice, you must make sure that what they are saying is correct. This is especially important in the senior market. Several people have told me that they were duped by bad information.

There are a lot of experts here on this board, and you can get some amazing product and marketing knowledge. Latch on to the right ones, and you can really learn how to be successful at selling insurance. You can also learn a lot from some of the mistakes that other have already made for you. However, please do not go into any new situation blindly. If someone tries to sell you some software or bring you in to their FMO, then do some research before locking yourself in. It may be a terrific opportunity, but it is worth checking out.
An example of bad advice is, try arc welding the fender on your 68 Camaro that is up on blocks in the front yard during a thunder storm after you have downed two six packs in the previous thirty minutes.
and if you see a late evening post that seems like someone had a couple of scotchs and it does not quite make sense .......that could be me........
And what works for one agent won't work for another. All agents need to find marketing and sales techniques they're comfortable with that produce results for them. This forum is meant to be a guide - nothing more. We will display our personal product and marketing preferences but like Al likes to say "your mileage may vary."
Would agree with everything you said. Don't sign up for anything without searching them on the forum. Can save you a lot of headache.