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In a Quandry, Need Advice


New Member
Hi Everyone,

I need advice. I am awaiting my appointment w/ BCBS. I have a prospect that only wants BCBS insurance. I talk with broker services and they said it would take 2 -4 weeks to get appointed. What can I do? My client is ready to get insurance. Any advice would be helpful.
"Ding" the light bulb just went off. You were asking me was I insured weren't you. The answer is no, but I am in the process of getting E&O.
My advise:

Get that person some STM for two weeks, then write the Evil Empire app.
Tell them that you want to wait for the 4th Quarter Rates to come out, because then, and only then, will they get a true 12 month rate guarantee for the first year.

Once that person fills out an app, and your Agent number is not on there, you can kiss that person's health business good bye. The Evil Empire will not release them to you, and you will not be able to do an Agent of Record change on any future plans written.

The Evil Empire is one of a handful of companies that sells direct, and would rather NOT use brokers/agents.

Explain to the applicant that unless you have a start date of Oct 1, then their first year premium will only be good until June 30th, at which time they will get an increase. That winds up being a 9 month rate, not 12 month.

If they wait and fill out the app, turn it in, and request an effective date, all on Oct 1, then they will get a true 12 month rate guarantee for the first year premium.

If they want immediate coverage, get them 2-3 weeks of STM.

BCBS is the Simon Cowell of insurance. Very well known, and very mean.
Thanks for the advice. I am appointed with Time and Unicare as well. I thought they would have the best rates, but BCBS beat them out. They are a tad bit snooty as well. The rep I spoke with had a " you need me, I don't need you attitude".