Insurance Licenses Are Not Necessary


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I believe that having a license issued by a state is allowing "bad" agents to continue to sell insurance. The government is given the authority to police our activities which really should rest with each insurance company dumb enough to allow us to write their policies.

If our carriers had C.E. requirements and were responsible for agents to KNOW what the policies cover, I think the public would be much better protected than they are now. Companies don't have to worry about our honesty, ethics and knowledge since we have a "stamp of approval" from our insurance departments.

Companies say that exists today. They have meetings to discuss their plans but really, how many agents really attend or pay attention. They are there for the free continental breakfast. At least in California, with the exception of MA products, no health insurance carrier has any kind of a test or continuing education requirement aside from what is required to keep our license renewed. And don't get me started with the fees I pay for non-resident licenses when those states couldn't care less about my qualifications except to collect up to $200 from me (17 states really adds up).

There are a lot of dishonest agents out there but even worse, many more are simply ignorant of what they are selling. Carriers should be the parties responsible for allowing us to sell - not the state.

That's why most carriers require E&O!! I wish each carrier had CE for their products, I love learning new stuff about products and carriers!
That's why most carriers require E&O!! I wish each carrier had CE for their products, I love learning new stuff about products and carriers!

Agreed. I'm not a big fan of GR, but I love the fact that they hold training classes for agents and give free CE vouchers to new agents. I haven't used mine yet, but I plan on taking a few of Pilzer's CE classes.
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