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If anyone would like to post an insurance related offer in the agent offers section, we are now opening it up for new submissions. The rules are as follows.

1. You must have at least 100 posts on the forum in order to make an offer. If you do not have 100 posts, you can either contribute more frequently, and try later, or you can inquire about paid advertising.

2. All offers must be approved before they get posted. I have also set the forum to not display any comments until they are approved. Approval takes anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 days, depending on when we get through the list of posts to moderate. Not seeing a post right away is not a cause for alarm.

3. If you want to offer a contract with a particular company, you must elaborate on what kind of support you will provide.

4. If you want to offer your services as a consultant or mentor, we welcome it. You must specify which state you are located in.

5. We do not censor comments in the offers section. Posters must be aware that members can comment on their offerings.

6. Members may post up to one new offer per month.

7. Members may make one offer thread for every 100 posts they have. A member with 500 posts can make five threads over a five month period
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