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I have started a new site on Insurance very recently. Its called

As you would understand from the domain, its about the Insurance terminologies. I wish to have a big database of the Insurance terms for the common mass. Now, I would like you guys to help me out with your experience if that would be a good idea or not and also please suggest some ways to get some people to post some terminologies periodically for me. Since the members here are experts in this field I would like you to invite some of you to actually participate in the website and help me make it a better one.

Hope you all will support me.

Interesting website. For the most part...accurate.

That indeed is a boost for me already. Thanks. :)

What is the "great opportunity"?

This great opportunity if for the general audience who are seeking to find out the meaning of the complex Insurance terms. We look forward to providing them that platform through the site.

As it wont be possible for me to it alone, I am looking for some friends to participate with me in this thing.


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