Insurer To Charge Per Pound


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Insurer To Charge Per Pound
Company To Offer Discounts For Healthy Weights

POSTED: 1:50 pm CST November 8, 2006

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HARTFORD, Conn. -- Customers of one insurance company will soon be paying per pound, Hartford television station WFSB reported.

Phoenix Insurance is the first company to offer a body mass-index discount, giving its customers another incentive to eat well and exercise.

"I think it makes a tremendous amount of sense. They already have categories for nonsmokers, they have categories for everything," said Peter Scheffler.

The insurer will offer discounts to those who maintain a healthy weight. The company was also the first to offer discounts to women and nonsmokers.

For every five years that a customer maintains a BMI between 19 and 25, he will receive an additional 5 percent discount. Customers can receive a total discount of 20 percent.

"What Phoenix is trying to do is reward those people who are healthy at the time their policy is issued and also maintain their healthy lifestyle over time," said Dr. Robert Kinney of Phoenix Insurance.

A person's BMI is based on a calculation of their height and weight.

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