Interested in getting started


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Hi there,
I am an emergency veterinary technician, and I'm looking to start selling insurance as an extra source of income. I'd like to start on my days off, and have it evolve to part-time, and eventually I'd like to quit being a tech and sell full time. I'm particularly interested in selling pet insurance, since I would be quite familiar with my target audience! But I'm really open to anything, I just need to get my foot in the door. I would appreciate any tips and hints, or advice especially on starting up.

My big question right now is what is the least expensive way to get my license in OH?
Hello! Welcome-I would make sure you check out some of the posts on the welcome thread. I saw two other posts about pet insurance....probably a good place to start maybe. Good luck-Sales is the best job because you are helping people solve problems in their lives.