Interesting article about AARP

Fits my opinion of AARP. It's hard to resist their enticing enlistment efforts. They're all landfill now.
Well written. Found many of the issues raised in this article the ones I opposed and became the basis of my withdrawal from membership. (I am now 64 and no AARP membership for over 10 years now.... but I still drink! :))
I have had numerous clients tell me they left AARP because they were too far left.

Thanks for posting it. I am going to share with AARP lovers as well!
Fantastic article. I will make copies and those who swear by AARP, will leave this with them as I leave.

I think the same way. I think the AARP should be split in two. They use their name and reputation and not for profit status to market insurance VERY profitably.

I've heard they have over 12 executatives making over $750,000 per year and the money isn't comming from membership fees.