Interviewing with agency - any tips?


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Im going to interview with an exclusive Allstate agency this week, and need some tips and pointers on how to make a good impression. Im moving from real estate sales to insurance so its a transition for me.

Any specific questions I should ask? What would they be expecting from me, other than being an assertive, skilled sales person? Thanks
Don't forget to ask where the coffee pot is and if you get a key to the executive rest room.

Just kidding. I assume you are going to be working on a salary and commission. I don't know anything about how that works. Most of us here are L&H agents and it sounds like P&C is a totally different world.

I would think that your best source of info will be another Allstate agent who has been around for a while. Why don't you post your question in the P&C section. You will probably get a quicker response.

I was told recently by an Allstate agent in NJ that they are now permitted to sell policies for other companies besides Allstate. I don't know if that it true nation wide or not but it should be something you will want to find out about.

As in any other job, the provisions of employment are going to be different from one company to another.

Good luck and keep us posted.
A tip given to me in 1980.

Try to keep your I/You ratio under 2.5.

That's normal to talk about your own attributes..and thus, the word "I" will be used often. But don't forget to talk about what you can do for "them", not just what you can do.
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Thank you guys, good advice, esp the "You" and "I";s...and going to the P/C board. Hadnt thought of that cus Im new here.

Oh and the fog a mirror youknow my 5 year sound just like him? :)
Thank you guys, good advice, esp the "You" and "I";s...and going to the P/C board. Hadnt thought of that cus Im new here.

Oh and the fog a mirror youknow my 5 year sound just like him? :)

As sarcastic as the "fog the mirror" line sounds... it's true! You'll find most companies in the insurance business will hire you if you are able to fog a mirror... but Sti's wrong... you have to be able to fog a mirror and not have any felonies on your record...
I must be naive cus I cant fig out what "fogging" a mirror means...LOL

and luckily, I havent any felonies....yet. :)
Serenity, "fog a mirror" is one of the tests to determine if a person is alive or dead. The person's breath will fog a mirror if they are alive and breathing. It supplements checking the pulse. for further information, watch "bones" or "CSI.":biggrin:
My best advice to you is be yourself and relax. I recently signed on with Allstate and decided goin' into the interview if they didn't like me as I am, then I didn't like them. It really took the edge off and I actually enjoyed the interview. Funny thing goin' in I didn't think I had a chance in the world, guess I'm just a good Salesman, yeah that's it, wink wink! Good luck with the interview, let us know how it turns out.
Well, I went on the interview and I tell ya....shoulda brought along that mirror cus I think the agent himself was dead. He hardly asked me any questions, was solaid back, I thought he swallowed a gallon of xanax. He certainly was not the assertive, sales driven insurance agent I assumed him to be. I had to basically tell him all about me and my experience, cus he just didnt say much. He did seem a bit negative, said he has been burned by sales producers in the past, and wanted loyalty. He would not agree to pay for my licensing costs, as most agencies here do, cus of being burned, but being the assertive sales pro I am, I asked if I stayed on with him 6 months, would he then reimburse me, said yes.

So....he seemed to like me, asked when I could start etc....I will hear next week.

He said with his small staff of just 3 sales producers, I could expect commissions between $3-$5k per month if I worled real hard. He is a long timer with Allstate so has a large book of business. Does this sound realistic? He sells P & C. Thanks