Isn't this touching?

This is how NAA works a Web Lead!

Here's a comment from xxxxxxxx

Hi xxxxx

Just some feedback on the attached Web lead. We received it on 2-7-07 and my appointment scheduler made an appointment for the next day. I was able to help this family with Home Certain for an annual premium of $3,781.08. This was such a timely lead because this gentleman lived 1/2 mile from the tornadoes that came through xxxxxxx last week. He did not suffer any damage but his best friend's daughter, who was xxx was killed in the tornado and was buried the day before. He was pretty shook up about that and started talking about his 4 children. I told him about the Foresters member benefits and am going back this week to write the wife on Foresters. I was happy to be able to give this family some peace of mind. Thanks for the great lead!


As it so happens, this client requested help with protecting his home and family at 11pm Tuesday the 6th. If you called him on the 7th, that means your office responded to their need in a matter of hours, not days. That level of swift action is the key to closing these leads.

Congratulations on your efforts.
Just got this on an email blast. He didn't mention that the guy is probably 5'5 300 lbs, diabetic, stroke victim. Interesting how he writes the guy up with Home certain (Old Mutual) and now is going back to write wife on Foresters.