Just started doing B2B Group Health. Help.


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A very good friend who has been a great mentor brought me on. I have background in car sales and this is my first insurance job and my first job where prospecting is all cold calling. I am not getting through to any DMs. I have been at it for over a month and I have 2 appointments ran that are dragging their feet and one on Monday that doesn't seem very firm. I understand most businesses renew 1-1. I just really need some support.

I don't want to give up. I don't want to go back to being a W-2. I work from home and I see and spend time with my family every day. I just cannot go back, but going forward feels like I'm practically running in place. I am doing everything I can to hang in there. Working on skills every day. Aiming to make at least 50 calls a day. Honestly overhauling my entire approach to work and life in general. I want this to work so badly so I can provide for my family. My wife works and I do Uber eats 20 hours a week after I am done with my calls. Financially we are stable, but I am just taking a beating out here.

Any encouragement, support, tips, advice is appreciated.
A couple of things, about group benefits, in no particular order. 1. All groups do not renew on 1/1, so there are many out there for you. 2. Getting through to a DM is not very easy, for a variety of reasons. 3. Cold calling is just one piece of prospecting, there are chamber events, human resource meetings, referrals, etc. that you can go to and make contacts. 4. Make sure your calling script is short and sweet. Focus on what you believe is a key want for the group. If you are doing 50 calls a day and have only 2-3 appointments, I would focus on your calling script. You should have a higher appointment number. 5. Stay in your lane, meaning that you are new. Do not waste your time with larger groups until you become more comfortable. 6. Use your carrier partners as a source of knowledge, the sooner you are more capable, the more groups will want to speak with you. 7. Make sure you have a great pipeline/tickle data base and work it. 8. Try and prequalify the groups you are calling. I would focus on groups with 10 or more, in industries that tend to provide benefits. Stay away from those groups that tend not to provide benefits, such as restaurants, mom and pop stores, barber/hair salons, staffing companies, etc. Good luck
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