Key Med plan from Assurant


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So what do you think of the new Key Med limited benefit plan from Assurant?
KeyMed rolls out this weekend in AL, AZ, CO, IL, MI, MO, NC, OH, SC, TN, PA and WI. The software to run rates won't be available until this weekend along with the product brochure. It rolls out in 15 more states by Feb along with more new Assurant "elite" plans.
Has anyone seen rates or commissions?

The reality is I can get VERY HIGH commish from UA on this type of plan.

If Assurant is planing on paying 15-20% ish on commish for what is essentially a mini med, why is going to sell it? The reason people sell mini meds (one reason) is super high commish...

This all boils down to rates and commish...

I wonder if Key Med will be available on Norvax Broker Office... Probably not due to the nature of the plan?