KSKJ farming things out like all the rest


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Too Bad. Looks like KSKJ is going down the same rabbit hole as Transamerica. It was one of the last small companies where you were guaranteed personal assistance without waiting on hold forever. Gone are the days receiving an email for instance, that your clients account number on the application was off by one number, and correcting it immediately so policy is issued... instead customer who expected coverage a week ago, receives a letter in the mail a week later informing them they have no coverage due to an invalid account number, risking losing a nice piece of business to a customer who wasn't thrilled in the first place going with such a small company. Now everything is handled out of office like all the rest. I'll miss those quick calls to the gals at kskj and getting things done immediately. Too Bad....
Oh I just stared receiving those emails. Haven’t written any life biz in 4-5 years.

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