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Hello all,

I've been a member of this forum for a couple of months, this is my first time posting. Little about me: I recently left one of the big wirehouse/banks where I managed their annuity sales and retirement internal wholesaling department to become and independent rep. I've been in the business 6 years, I'm series 7/63 registered, life, health, med sup and LTC licensed in NC and SC and I have a couple designations.

With that said the marketing side of this business can be a pitfall to say the least, not to mention the crappy FMO's and Agency's that try to hold you hostage... I've found all this out the hard way if you can't tell.

I'm currently looking for a good leadsource and would appreciate anyone who has experience to enlighten me. Right now I'm considering Insureme, prospectzone.com, mostchoice, and javelin marketing and thier senior leads program. Anyone have experience with one or more of these companies? Does anyone have a company they prefer to work with over these?

I'm specifically looking for Med Sup, Med Advantage, Annuity and LTC leads.

Thanks for all you help. BTW, I'm happy to answer and variable annuity questions you may have... I've worked with most of the big companies in the industry for a long time.

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Thank you. I got that "feeling" they were a shady shop. I have searched this site and found some info on the companies I mentioned before; just looking for a current perspective.

Thanks again!