Lew Nason


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Does anyone have any opinions or experience with Lew Nason's Annuity Selling System, especially in regards to his seminar system?
Lew makes a good deal of money selling his system. I don't think he has anything to offer that is better than any of the other folks hyping their "system".
All of these marketing systems should be regulated like insurance products. There are way too many get rich quick marketing "scams". Wheres our protection at? Most of these systems cost alot of money.
I forgot how I first heard about Lew Nason, but I used to get emails a couple of times a month from his site. I have zero experience with his "system" though.
I you get an offer for preset appt from estate planning inc, The guys name is Don (clown) clarke and his (female dog) office help. The had appointment set ok. When you get there they think you are with their bank, this is what they are told. They arent there sometimes also. I did three appt the 3rd had a cop there. I called to get my money back and you know the story, 3 months and still waiting. I you type in the search engine estate planning leads they are near the top . Orange cal. Save yourself a lot of grief and steer clear.
I purchased their mortgage protection marketing program as a newbie agent $540! Only had it a week, they seem to make sense just don't know if it is worth the money
The kit ALONE isn't the full system. You need to watch the advanced fact-finding DVDs and/or trusted advisor success training on their members only site. There's an art and a science to doing this, and the kit is the "science" side. The "art" is in the video training.

Without it, you only have HALF of a system.

I'd call them up for your coaching sessions as well.