Lie Insurance Co Who Is Good

Hi All I Am Looking To Add A Life Insurance Co Under My Belt I Am In Ga Anyone Know Who Is Good...

If you're going to be competitive, you need more than one carrier. For term insurance, consider all of the following:

Banner Life
West Coast Life
Reliastar Life
Ohio National Life
Lincoln National
Western Reserve
Midland National
American General

In addition to contracting with these carriers, you will want to get very familiar with their underwriting guidelines. Some will be more lenient than others.

If you are talking about final expense, I'm not very familiar with what all is available as I don't fool with final expense coverage.
I would add Pru for impaired risk and tobacco users, non cigs, and I have found Liberty Life the most competitive for smokers.
Quote Engine

While this won't tell you which plans have the "best" underwriting for a particular situation, you can see which plans have the best pricing. I use a quote engine called "Compulife". Since I only write a few term plans each year, I find it very important to at least find the lowest price. I can then call the GA and get info on underwriting without being steered by commission.

You can take a look at it at Oh yeah, I can run quotes on my pda - very cool.