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I'm expanding my Life insurance offerings and was curious about who some of the better & more respected carriers are or rather where to go get contracts. Good contracts. When I say good contracts, I really mean good IMO or FMO.

Any tips?

ING anyone? Again! Any help on who to get good life contracts for larger Term, UL & Whole policies would be appreciated.
AIG, Genworth, Banner, West Coast, Pru, Liberty Life, if you need a good broker that pays well, send me a PM.
ING is the only company I know that will give Pref Plus if you have a family history of cancer before age 60, that is a big deal.
The brokerage company pays me a finders fee for all brokers referred to them that do 5k of premium, pm me off line. I've done business with lots of brokers and these guys are the best. I do alot of business and they have always been easy to work with and have an in house UW that you can talk to without waiting, huge help.
ING is the only company I know that will give Pref Plus if you have a family history of cancer before age 60, that is a big deal.

Yup, and sometimes their smoker rates come out okay compared with pru, maybe not with liberty. I think there are underwriting issues where you can figure out where you are with the client by looking are their written underwriting guidelines, and then there are issues where you are dependant on how they will assess conditions such as diabetes, prior history of prostate, melanoma, etc. I think they are slow and weak in that area . I have compared notes with underwriters at a couple GA brokers houses and they agree. Doesnt make it true but that is how the impressions line up for me and for them.

Winter all-in-one-concept. Sure has it's appeal...anyone see one of these before?
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