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Life/Health Seminar

Hey Everyone!
If any of you are located in the Nashville, Tn area, we're having a seminar on Thursday, June 28th from 8:30-1pm at the Franklin Marriott. We're going to have several reps from the MM carriers in the area on hand. We are providing breakfast and lunch for all agents who attend.

-This is a non captive opportunity
-We offer a lead program
-Commission advances
-Electronic submission for most carriers

Seating is limited so if you're in the area and want me to reserve a seat, email me at [email protected]

We had a mail drop a few weeks ago about this and we haven't had much of a response. Any suggestions of how to get more people into this meeting?

Who are you with?

I just happen to be staying in that same hotel on that same day already.
I am with AHCP...which is the company putting on this program Thursday. My name is Randee and I'd love if you would join us. If you know any other agents in the area who'd be interested in joining us we'd love to have them as well.
Oh, I've just got to know - Newby - are you going to a CRP event? They always have them there...
Oh, I've just got to know - Newby - are you going to a CRP event? They always have them there...

I'm going to have to bow out of going. My dad has taken a turn for the worse with his cancer. The rest of my family is comming into town so I don't think I better leave.

No, I don't know what a CRP event is. I was going for an award dinner on Wed night (tonight) for funeral preplanners put on by IFPA. A lot of my friends will be there Wed through Friday but they have a meeting on Thursday from 9:00 till noon. Most of them are employees of funeral homes and are not allowed to sell other products.

Another time maybe. I get down there a lot.
I think you just need to keep at it Randee. Also, how many mailers did you send out? I've been at quite a few recruiting seminars companies like Assurant, GR and Aetna sponsored and it's really hit or miss. Sometimes there's 50 agents there and it's great. Other times 10 agents show up and it's embarrassing. Aetna's seminar was the worst - 4 agents showed. I guess not that much interest in 15% as-earned when you get the 1st commish 3 months later. Go figure. At least I left with a bag of coffee beans and an Aetna pen. Compare that to GR giving out Ipods!
We sent out 2000 mailers to the Nashville area about a 1-2 weeks ago. This program offers advance commission up to a year. Commission paid weekly and yes... they are giving away an ipod, laptop and some other prizes as well. We'll see how it turns out. I am also with Assurant as well as the family of AHCP carriers: GR, fidelity, UA, Continental etc... If you know anyone in the area, please pass the word. This is my first seminar so it would be really embarrassing if this didn't turn out well.