Life Inverstors LTC

When purchasing long-term care insurance protection, it's wise to make certain that the issuing company is both committed to the marketplace as well as financially sound. The A.M. Best Company, Standard & Poor's and Moody's Investors Services are well-regarded rating companies that provide objective measures of insurance companies' creditworthiness. Because these can change from time to time, we have also provided links below to help you check their individual websites for the most current updates.
Now there's a solution that allows you to buy long-term care coverage and have the comfort of knowing that your premium dollars will not be wasted if the coverage is not used. This new product combines the best features of life insurance and long-term care into one design; it is typically sold as a universal life contract that requires a single premium and that funds an accelerated death benefit rider to pay out long-term care benefits if needed.
Term life insurance

Do you do anything except spam all the threads?
Does anyone know anything about Life Investors LTC product?

I cannot find anything about them on the Texas DOI, although many other companies have great info posted there.

A new med supp client of mine has her LTC policy thru Life Investors and she just received a pretty healthy increase and asked if I might be able to find a better plan.

I know what her current benefits / options are; I'm just trying to get info on Life Investors to see what they may have "built-in" to their policy.


Depending on their age at time of purchase and age now it still may be cheaper to keep the current policy, especially if they have health issues.