Live in CA - sell insurance in IL?

I am a young agent in CA - captive - and I do some "outside business" with AMWINS and ALLRISKS when my co will not write a piece of business. I was thinking I might "exploit" some of my personal contacts (family and freinds) in IL and so I applied for and recieved a IL producer license. I plan on slowly building my CA agency on auto-home-life (possible series 6, 63) while also building a commercial business inside and outside my company - habitation, GL, Comm Auto, Restaraunt, few other areas.

Some questions...

Is it feasable to sell insurance in IL when I live in CA? Will companies do business with me although I am out of state?

I think I will stay away from contractors because of the work created by the need for certs....any ideas on what products I might sell which are lower maint? I am not interested in selling health insurance

Any ideas? Suggestions? Did I post in the right area?

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