Looking for advise please


I just received my L&H license and was taken in by AFLAC I have only been with them for about a week and am already very disappointed. There has been no training and they are wanting me to go out and do nothing but call people, but I feel like a fool when people ask questions I cannot answer. I was told not to worry about this but to just get the appointment and I will learn later ? HU ? I am willing to work, but am looking for a company that might take the time to start a new person in this business.

Is there a better agency to start with ? I have a ton of contacts but am not real willling to hand them over to AFLAC as of yet.

I am very new to the insurance game, but had been in sales for many years. Location is AZ.


Thats exactly what I went through with AFLAC. I didnt have one account stay on the books. Problems with billing and claims lost every account I wrote. My DSM lied about every thing.

First of all study the post from this forum. Then start out on your own being an Independent Agent. Get appointed with several companies. Study your plans that your marketing. And Telemarket business owners or buy leads. Plenty of great advice about marketing from this board if you do a search!